Sunday, June 17, 2007


After Mt St Michelle, we stayed in the Ancient Walled City of Dinan, our B&B was located in the old quarter, with very narrow streets and a ridiculously steep hill. I am posting a pic of the view from our window and well, I am dead tired since this internet is really pissing me off! The scenery is great and I hope to post some more pics. These photos are from Dinan and St. Malo, the Pirate Island.

More to follow.....


Today is our 4th day (I think) of our trip to France. The first day was a little hairy, as having slept only 3-4 hours, we drove another 4 hours to our first stop, Mt. St. Michel. It is a medieval town (well actually it has been an abby for about 1000 years originally founded by the romans!) that is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Layers upon layers of vaulted ceilings, it was like being in a videogame, with little passageways the lead to who knows where. We stayed in a hotel on the island, which was also really beautiful, waking up and being is such a wonderful place. I have an internet connection that must be a dialup that is shared on a 802.11b wireless router.... soooooo slow! So we will see how much story I get here, but this is where I am going to be posting all our exploits when I have access. I am going to try and not answer any personal emails so please noone be offended.... until we get back. So far I have eaten some amazing food, I even had an escargot in the shell.... :P We are drinking wine every night (except when we drank cider) and I am doing some great runs through the cities. The weather has been horseshit, it is beautiful in the morning, shitty all day (raining when we are out running around, thank god for the new rain coats!) and beautiful in the evening, as we head back to our lodging.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This tattoo is on Jimmy's roommate and it really sums up what the tattoos I do are about. If I could do tattoos like this all day I would be in heaven...

Here is one of my favorite tattoos on one of my favorite people, Jimmy. It is a coverup on his throat and it was a blast to do.....
This is my first post, I dont really even know how this works, but I guess I will post some stuff that seems interesting to me and see how that goes.

Anyone feel like all the choices of candidates are gradients of the same shit? I am still trying to decide, but it seems like they are tripping over each other to see who can seem the most Christian. Why?