Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oil Paint!

I love oil paint, it takes a while for my body and brain to become acclimated to the turpentine, but I am in full on paint mode. I guess I will see how long I can ride this wave till I find something else to obsess over. They are all in varying degrees of completion, some closer than others, so please do not judge too harshly..... the model in two of these is my son, FYI.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is from a drawing I did like 4 months ago, before the Mcad class, just wanted to have something new to show... havent worked on it in forever, the halo is kind of weak and the ribs are not how I wanted them but, what can ya do.... it isnt oil paint so I guess I have to slog on through. I think I will go with simple color scheme, just the flowers and maybe the sky and leave it at that, maybe just the flowers so it can be done..... I didnt think that anyone looked at this page, but in the last week I have had three people mention it, which made me happy.


Apocalypse goat

Not happy at all with this guy, but gotta finish it anyways, since I have spent like a million hours on this fucker. UGH! I am definitely feeling the oil paint way more at this time.... will post some picks of the 3 oil paintings I am working on this weekend hopefully. Seriously, ugh. Realizing that the hair and forehead look weird, but dont want to waste all this time I have put into it.... :(